Anything but easy

Single casting simply means casting an object with a single plastic material. A simple explanation: the technology and material used is much more advanced.

Plastic Pallet, PP (special high-friction)

In the injection molding industry is called simple casting as a traditional method or application if you like. It is in this area most moulders seems. Naturally, we are also deeply involved here through a variety of customers, items, materials and solutions. We have a long experience in processing the particular technical engineering plastics and högtemperaturplaster and daily runs up to 40 kinds of materials in different products with various cosmetic conditions and the tolerance levels. Normal polyolefins are of course also in the picture. Of our 40 injection molding machinesare punishable in the days just over half of this type of journey . Our machinery ranges here from 25 tons up to 2300 tons or more simply, we can injection mold usually between 1 gram up to 25 kg. Here you can also find solutions with IML technology on different labels on the product. Customers in this application are mainly in the Medical Device, Material Handling, Construction, Automotive, Furniture and Industrial.

More images of single cast products

Flow meters for respirators
PA12 Roof rack cabinets S40 / V50
PA6 Hood, PA6 + GF
Arm rest PA
Cooling coil, PA66 + GF
Quick coupler, PA6 + GF
PPC toothed wheels
POM Space heaters, PEEK
Spigot coupling, PEEK
Vibration damper, TPE
Plate with holes for wires, PA6
Control panel, PC/ABS
Fresh Air Helmet, PA6
Snuff Boxes in various sizes, PP


Quick coupler, PA6 + GF

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