Optimal management and precision

Some solutions require two materials to be combined, for example, to achieve the right strength or more functions; a process that places great requirements on the right equipment and logistics. 1+1 should preferably generate an added value and be at least 3!


When you take a look at the production cells for casting, you can actually be quite surprised. The method for casting various plastic materials quite often requires tremendous precision. We have today a number of cells where this type of manufacturing is done and have customers largely in all segments. One of the cells, for instance, manufactures absorbent papers! These are only a few millimeters broad for casting in a plastic ring consisting of PPS. The ring is later fitted in a pneumatic life vest which demands great accuracy. More examples of applications are threaded bushings that are cast in such that different fittings can be fixed/screwed together or stainless steel electrodes can be cast in different types of brackets. Complex embedding in ex. The furniture industry is a regular occurrence in order to optimize the logistics flow and staffing. This requires fully automated production cells when volumes are typically very large in combination with high quality and tough pricing.

More examples of potting/casting

Measuring plug, PEI
Automatic life vest releaser, PPS + Paper
Plug housing, ABS + Zinc
Injection moulded zinc fittings for Volvo's seat belt buckles
Pin, PBT + Hard metal
Antenna contact, ABS + brass
Life vest releaser, PA6 + Nylon string
. .

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New Technical Sales member

We are proud to present our new member in Technical Sales , Marcus Johansson, one experienced and inspiring resource.

New materials, new opportunities!

New materials are opening up doors for complete new solutions where plastic materials in fact can replace various metals. Pls contact us for possibilities and options to cut costs and protect the environment.