Plastic and zinc in one shot!

Plastinject is first in the world to cast plastic and metal in a single process! With the company PolyZinc, we have broken ground in multi-component injection moulding.


PolyZinc is a trademark for a patented manufacturing method of injection moulding plastic and metal in a single process. We always try to develop and optimize the manufacturing process with respect to both logistics and functionality. Reducing the price of the fitting does not make it less interesting…Today there are two PolyZinc machines in operation and we plan to order a third one shortly. We can manage shot weights of up to 1.1 kilos. The method introduces a completely new way of thinking, with respect to both material and manufacturing. Added values are obvious. The profit is with respect to both time and money as the products of this type are otherwise transported back and forth between two different manufacturers. Sometimes, their factories are located in different countries which entails long lead times and unnecessary additional costs per component. The quality is also better thanks to our efficient quality control process. The scope today seems virtually unlimited. The customer gets everything: aesthetics, flexibility, colours, finishes and shielding all at the same time.

More images of the products manufactured with PolyZinc

Component for snap connection, PA + TPE + Zinc
Component for snap connection, PA + TPE + Zinc
Double cast internal component for rail holders for AUDI models
Rail mount adapter, PA6 + Zink
Children Belt Lock, PA + GF + Zinc
Chassis for ear muff, PA + GF + Zinc
Adapter, TPE + Zinc
. .

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New Technical Sales member

We are proud to present our new member in Technical Sales , Marcus Johansson, one experienced and inspiring resource.

New materials, new opportunities!

New materials are opening up doors for complete new solutions where plastic materials in fact can replace various metals. Pls contact us for possibilities and options to cut costs and protect the environment.