Largest in Sweden?

Multi-component injection moulding, or 2-C or 3-C as it is popularly called, is one of the areas greatly linked with Plastinject. The company today is a market leader in this potential technology.


This area is under constant growth and development. The technology provides advanced and refined solutions at reasonable prices. About a 1/3rd of 15 injection moulding machines make up the machinery today where 2 and 3 colour/material casting is done. A variety of materials is also processed daily and a typical material combination can be that of a Ploymide and an Elastomer. We started this technology already in 1987 and the market is growing steadily in line with increasing demands for efficient handling, logistics and overall cost-effective solutions. Our biggest injection moulding machine can manage shot weights of up to approx. 1.5 kilos. The customers using this application are mainly from the manufacturing and automotive industries.

More images of single cast multi-component products

Handle for compressed air tool, TPU + TPU
Clamp for bicycle carriers, PA6 + TPE
Adjusting knob, PP + TPE
Housing for infrared camera, PC/ABS + TPE
Display housing, PC/ABS + TPE
Roof rack base support, PA6 + GF
Torque chisel, PA66 + TPE
Sealing rings, PP + TPE
Jaw for rails, PA66 + TPE
Drum pulley for meters, PBT + TPE
Wheel, PA66 + TPE
Handle sleeves, PP + TPE

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New Technical Sales member

We are proud to present our new member in Technical Sales , Marcus Johansson, one experienced and inspiring resource.

New materials, new opportunities!

New materials are opening up doors for complete new solutions where plastic materials in fact can replace various metals. Pls contact us for possibilities and options to cut costs and protect the environment.