Something totally new!

Our efforts to continually evaluate new technology have resulted in the launch of one more production method in the Scandinavian market, injection moulding of tubes/hollow parts.


There are several examples of components manufactured by the Fluid injection method where different functions and fastening eyes are integrated and different process steps eliminated.

This cost-reducing manufacturing process allows a variety of potential applications, particularly automobiles and trucks. Possibilities for saving weight and rationalization of the current products/processes, where one or more steps can often be reduced give endless advantages with respect to logistics, finance and environment. The casting process is simplified in the following ways: a cavity is filled solidly with e.g. a polyamide. When the plastic begins to solidify, a jet of water is directed via high pressure through the component. The component that does not solidify is washed and can be reused. What remains is a smooth hollow throughout the component. You also get a finished component directly from the process which moreover has a variety of features in built which eliminate the process steps like bending, welding, painting or finishing. The examples of items where this method provides significant advantages are radiator tubes, handles, braces, etc.

More images of the fluid injection method

Gas pedal, PA6 + GF

Shopping cart handle, PPC

Cold water pipe, 2-k, PA 66 + GF + PP
Refrigerator handle, PC/ABS
Pipe branching, PA 66 + GF

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